Difference and Dialogue in Action

Welcome to Dialogue and Difference in Action.

General information regarding Orientation programs, and the beginning of the academic year, will be updated on the Path to Princeton portal as available. The latest updates for the University community about COVID-19 are available here.

Dialogue and Difference in Action (DDA) provides an opportunity for first-year students to engage in critical dialogues focused on identity, power, privilege and difference. Students will examine these concepts within the contexts of the Princeton University community, and in society at large. Through self-reflection and dialogue, students develop competencies and perspectives crucial to the creation of an inclusive campus climate.


2018 DDA Photo


"I feel loved. I feel validated. I feel seen. My experience at DDA has truly been invaluable and I am glad there was a space where I could exist comfortably and where I could share my thoughts and ideas."

- 2018 DDA Student Participant

2018 DDA Group Photo


"At DDA I learned to live life with empathy, speak with respect and compassion even when in disagreement, to constantly acknowledge the humanity of all people, never underestimate someone else’s struggle, be open to change and evolution within your opinions and within yourself."

- 2017 DDA Student Participant

DDA Group Photo